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What is HARO

What is HARO?

HARO or Help A Reporter Out is a service where journalists and bloggers ask for the input of subject matter experts on various topics. For every query, they receive dozens, in some cases hundreds, of pitches. They decide which responses they want to use. In most cases, they will link to the source’s website in their article. It’s a win-win situation for the journalist and the source. The journalist gets help for content creation; the source gets the exposure and backlinks from a trustworthy website.


SEO is complex, and search engines update their ranking algorithms quite often. Still, the most significant pillars of SEO are:

  • Content: something that the search engine will rank you for
  • Backlinks: something that helps you rank high on the search engine results page
  • Technical SEO: all the webmaster’s work to ensure Google crawlers have the proper access to the website’s content

HARO will boost your SEO performance thanks to the high-quality backlinks.

what makes a good backlink

What makes a good backlink?

It’s an ongoing debate in the SEO community. The research shows the following significant factors of a high-quality backlink:

  • It should come from a website with high authority. In simple terms, one backlink from a major website will give a better boost than ten links from no-name bloggers or 50 links from shady link farms. To assess websites’ authority, we use DR (domain rating) metric by Ahrefs. Not all links you get through HARO will come from top-tier domains, though using our service, you will pay only for the qualifying ones.
  • It must have the “dofollow” attribute. Not all links you get through HARO will be dofollow, though using our service, you will pay only for the qualifying ones.
  • It should be placed in the body of the text, not a footer or a sidebar.
  • The fewer links there are on the referring page, the better their value. That’s another reason why getting links from directories and link farms is a bad idea.

Backlinks you get through HARO using our service, tick all the boxes in the checklist.

Ready to get the links?

Is HARO just a link building tool?

HARO also has a reputation building “side-effect.”  Let’s see what Google knows about Illia Termeno, our founder. All these mentions are the result of HARO pitching.

HARO reputation building
HARO link building tool

Many content managers promote their articles on social media and tag contributors. Thus, your network will be notified about a media featuring you. And if you comment under those posts, you will have a top-notch professional activity thread.

HARO reputation building

HARO pitch example

HARO pitch example
We respond to HARO queries on behalf of our clients. The pitch needs to be tailored to the journalist’s requirements and be copy-paste-friendly. Don’t expect the journalist to spend time editing your pitch. The pitch has to be original. In simple words, if the journalist asks about the best movie by Quentin Tarantino, don’t dream about publication if you will talk about Pulp Fiction. Please see our pitching samples to the query from the previous example. You will find all of them published in this nice article from an 80+ DR website: https://upcity.com/blog/tips-for-creating-pay-per-click-ppc-ads-that-convert/
HARO pitch example
HARO pitch example
HARO pitch example

Our HARO pitching process

We pitch on topics related to marketing, business, and HR.

There’s a team of a marketer and a copywriter working on every pitch.


Marketer chooses queries for pitching.


Marketer compiles a list of key thoughts for every pitch and passes the task to the copywriter.


Copywriter crafts the pitch to make sure it sounds engaging and grammatically correct.


Marketer double-checks that the business aspect of the pitch is correct.


Marketer sends the pitch to the journalist.


As the result, our HARO pitches are smart and enjoy the 1/7 publication rate.

Ready to get the links?

Our points of difference

We value your reputation. We talk only about topics where we have internal expertise. Internet will remember you and your brand for intelligent thoughts. Our competitors hire clerks to search the internet on each and every topic and rewrite whatever they find.

Small scale. We are a small team, mainly working on complex Fractional CMO projects. Our best professionals dedicate a few hours daily composing intelligent pitches for our HARO SEO clients. Our competitors (almost all of them) claim they are the leaders and try to build the conveyor.

Transparency. We sell small packages. We inform our clients that with long-term engagements, duplicates (links from the same domain) may happen and agree on the number of such duplicates. Our competitors drag clients into big packages, and the duplicates become an unpleasant surprise.

haro link building what else

HARO link building: what else you should know

Publications happen with a delay. Every media has its own pace and content plan. During the several years of our experience with HARO pitching, the fastest publication happened two days after the pitch; the slowest came with a 6 months delay. We guarantee that you will eventually get your links, though the speed is not in our control.

Every query gets a single-use email, which becomes inactive after the query deadline expires. The sources don’t have any means to contact the journalist directly or do any follow-up.

Many journalists prefer to stay anonymous, not disclosing their names or the media they work for. They might be from a very respectful media and want to save themselves from an avalanche of junk pitches. They might also represent a new media with a low domain rating. In one case out of three, we don’t know who we pitch to. As a result, some publications land on websites with low DR metric and have little SEO value. You will pay only for the qualifying links.

HARO link building is a tool for quality backlinks, but it won’t bring colossal scale. The reasonable expectation is to have 3-5 links per month, starting from the second month.

Most of the backlinks placed through HARO will stay on the media websites forever. However, if the media’s content team would decide to update or withdraw the article at some point, they are free to do so without informing the HARO sources.

Service provided by

backlink qualification criteria

Backlink qualification criteria

We charge for links that meet all the criteria listed below. If a link doesn’t meet at least one criterion – it’s a gift for you.

  • Dofollow attribute
  • Ahrefs DR: 30 and above.
  • MOZ spam score: 15% and below
  • Not more than 3 links from the same domain
Who we work with

Who do we work with?

HARO is suitable for most businesses, though there are some exceptions.

HARO is less efficient for some industries. We do not work with pharma, gambling, betting, adult content, dating, or credit repair industries.

Happy to white-label for agencies.

HARO link building pricing

HARO link building pricing

We offer link building in pre-paid packages:

3 qualifying links: $975

7 qualifying links: $1,995

We start pitching the next day after completing the onboarding process. We stop pitching when the last link is published. It’s highly likely that you will get more links than you paid for because some of them will come after we finished pitching.

Check out our competitors’ pricing:

Niche Website Builders $1999 for 5 links

LinkBuilder $5000 for 10 links

Skipblast Digital $1995 for 5 links

Ready to get the links?

we got links

Media we got links from

DR 93 https://www.forbes.com/sites/rganatra/2018/03/04/is-artificial-intelligence-in-marketing-overhyped/ Magic Day

DR 91 https://marketing.sfgate.com/blog/your-top-digital-marketing-questions-answered Stone&Tile Shoppe

DR 90 https://b12.netlify.app/resource-center/covid19-resources/19-businesses-on-how-they-re-utilizing-their-website-during-covid-19.html K&N Sales

DR 86 https://www.rd.com/list/craziest-wedding-planner-requests/ Magic Day

DR 84 https://marketingsherpa.com/article/case-study/inspirational-guide-in-uncertain-times-for-marketers-business-leaders Stone&Tile Shoppe

DR 83 https://greatist.com/live/wedding-etiquette-for-guests Magic Day

DR 82 https://www.fundera.com/blog/online-credit-card-processing Titanium Buzz

DR 82 https://upcity.com/blog/common-web-design-mistakes/ K&N Sales

DR 81 https://www.legalzoom.com/articles/how-to-scale-your-business-and-stay-sane-in-the-process K&N Sales

DR 77 https://www.gosquared.com/blog/saas-expenses Lean-Case

DR 77 https://referralrock.com/blog/getting-started-with-paid-ads/ Titanium Buzz

DR 77 https://databox.com/how-to-upsell Titanium Buzz

DR 74 https://blog.mycorporation.com/2020/10/start-a-business/ K&N Sales

DR 71 https://ceoblognation.com/2019/10/26-entrepreneurs-explain-what-being-a-ceo-means-to-them/ Titanium Buzz

DR 71 https://blog.skillsuccess.com/21-experts-share-how-to-develop-the-right-mindset-in-being-a-top-team-performer/ K&N Sales

DR 63 https://www.opploans.com/blog/cant-afford-new-laptop/ Lean-Case

DR 63 https://creativeclickmedia.com/21-questions-before-redesigning-your-website/ Titanium Buzz

DR 61 https://www.aternity.com/blogs/the-biggest-mistakes-companies-make-when-developing-work-from-home-policies/ K&N Sales

DR 56 https://altitudemarketing.com/blog/2020-b2b-marketing-goals/ Lean-Case

+ over 1000 other links for dozens of clients over the last 5 years

Our onboarding process

1. Most sources don’t accept pitches from agencies. We would need to have the following inputs from your side:

  • A real spokesperson from the company: CEO or CMO with their headshot LinkedIn style photo, name, a short (up to 50 words) bio, personal LinkedIn account link.
  • A working email address registered on your domain matching the spokesperson’s name. For example j.smith@yourwebsite.com.

2. Pre-payment for the selected package.

HARO link building onboarding

Got questions?

Ready to get started?

Thanks for your interest. Unfortunately, we can’t onboard any new clients as we are currently at full capacity. Check back later.


The average delay between the pitch and the publication is 3 weeks. The media decides which pitches to accept. We guarantee the placements but do not commit to timings. On average, you can expect 3 links placed in 2 months and 7 links in 3.5 months.

You will receive a link to a Google Sheets report, updated daily. You will see all the pitches and earned links.

HARO service is time-sensitive. There are strict deadlines for each pitch submission – usually one or two days. The earlier we submit – the better chances we have for inclusion. You will have a report with all submitted pitches and may provide feedback based on them. We will not approve each text with you not to lose precious time.

You need to provide the requested inputs about the company and the spokesperson before we start. We take the whole process off your shoulders. Your involvement is not required during the pitching process.

We cannot commit to timings. On average, you can expect 3 links per month, starting with the second month.

Yes, if you are serious about building your organic traffic. The only case when you can expect lower performance is if your website has zero backlink profile. We pitch on marketing-related topics and recommend having some industry-relevant backlinks before ordering this service. 

This is HARO SEO, not HARO PR:) Inclusions in major publications (i.e., Forbes, Reader’s Digest, etc.) happen but are very rare, and we do not guarantee such placements. You can expect excellent backlinks, not media coverage.

We cannot offer industry relevance for every client. We have expertise in business and marketing—our pitches get a good inclusion rate, and you will sound like an expert. We follow the same process for every client.

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