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We need an email address registered on your domain matching the spokesperson’s name.

Legit examples:

Examples of emails we cannot work with:
media@company.com – it’s generic; must match the spokesperson’s name.
company@gmail.com – it’s registered on the free email service; must be registered on your domain.

Why do we have these requirements?
To be able to register your email with HARO service – they have their rules.
To look credible. The media want to receive input only from subject matter experts.

Why do we need a spokesperson?

To get a backlink from the media, we need to give them what they need—an expert opinion to enrich their article. The opinion comes from the person, not the company. The media are aware of the HARO link-building services by agencies and freelancers and want to receive only genuine responses from knowledgeable people in the business community.


The spokesperson must be a successful entrepreneur to look credible for giving opinions on business and marketing topics. The ways to demonstrate credibility:

  • A managerial position in the company: Founder, CEO, CMO, or similar
  • An email matching the company’s website as a proof that the spokesperson works in that company
  • A short bio listing the spokesperson’s business achievements
  • A professional LinkedIn-style photo
  • A LinkedIn profile (an advantage but not a must)

We will check your input and get back to you with questions or payment request by email within one business day.


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